Flexible packaging solutions made in Spain

  • FL Tècnics offers technological solutions to serve a variety of industries, including:
    • Food
    • Sauces and drinks
    • Pet food
    • Dairy
    • Detergents
    • Cosmetic
    • Pharmaceutical
  • FL Tècnics is a leader in roll-based machinery technology and pouches. They offer:
    • Solid modular design
    • High productivity, reliability and easy handling
    • Automatic format changes
    • Fully integrated automatic splicing system, both for film reel and zipper reel
    • Possibility of manufacturing various packaging presentations for all kinds of products (liquid and solid) on the same machine, such as flat, stand-up (doypack or delta), top-valve pouch, corner-valve pouch, shaped pouch, pouch with zipper etc
  • FL Tècnics also offers space-saving bag machines to accommodate liquids, powders, granules and solid products with the ability to handle zipped, spouted and shaped pouches, flat and stand-up pouches. Zippers and spouts can be positioned either in the center or the corner.